No-gi Grappling

The No-gi (no kimono) Grappling class is specifically provided so that students with previous BJJ experience wearing the gi can practice their skills in a No-gi environment.

While the fundamental principles between Gi and No-gi grappling are very similar (leverage vs. strength, attacks and counter-attacks, details of movement, etc.) the No-gi setting can be quite different and challenging. Approaches to control differ dramatically between the two.

When grappling wearing a gi, practitioners can control and apply submissions using the hem, sleeves and collar of their opponent’s kimono. In No-gi grappling, grips on the clothes aren’t usually allowed resulting in the need to control and submit using natural body handles such as the neck, wrist, elbow, knee, hips, etc. Without the heavy cotton of the gi to soak up sweat, the pace of No-gi matches and the ease with which an opponent can slip out of a bad position is much different also.

Classes also include sparring which help increase students’ instinctual reactions to realistic situations. This is a highly active class that challenges students while encouraging them to challenge themselves.

Required clothing for No-gi Grappling classes are: a T-shirt or rash guard, at least mid-thigh length shorts (spats or gi pants are OK), and snug underwear. Bare chests, Muay Thai/short shorts or lack of underwear will NOT be allowed.