Beginners Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Gi)

The beginner course is specifically designed for students with little or no Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience. An emphasis is placed on the fundamental principles of BJJ that are often missed when beginning students start learning in mixed-level classes. The beginner course also offers students opportunities to ask questions, make mistakes and learn at a pace that allows them to comfortably create a stable BJJ foundation. It is CMBJJ’s goal that the foundation of jiu-jitsu students learn in the beginner course will continue to benefit them throughout their pursuit of grappling knowledge.

Classes typically begin with light, callisthenic warm-up exercises and then transition into technique-specific drills applicable to BJJ for the first half-hour. The second portion of the class is dedicated to the theory and techniques of traditional BJJ. The techniques and principals shown in the beginner class are also useful in self-defense, MMA as well as other martial arts. There is no active sparring in the beginner class.

All students 14+ years of age are welcome to attend. There is no upper age limit and classes are coeducational including men and women.

The Beginners BJJ course is instructed wearing a traditional BJJ uniform known as a “gi” (or kimono).